Now offering, "Stud Service" in the
         Nashville, Tennessee surrounding area.  

"Sye," is one of our,  male Bullmastiffs. He's a bit  of a clown, with an easy, laid back, disposition. He's (A.K.C.) registered, and up to date with all vaccinations, and shots.

He's very friendly, and loves to hold the carpet down. Sye, also enjoys sitting in your lap, and playing a good game of chase with our miniature Schnauzer. We love his disposition, and his willingness to please us! Sye, has already produced some great looking pup's, and we are happy to have him as a sire.

   We are pleased to announce for Sire! "Atta Boy Alvin"
He's a pup from our 2011 litter...

  If your interested in having Sye,or Alvin sire your next litter of pup's. Please contact us at,

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     We offer Stud Service, in exchange for Pick of the litter, or a cash arrangement. 
  Please contact us, for all available options...   

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                   Jackson Ridge Bullmastiffs.

     Big "Sye" of Relief
                                Finally, a ball that "Sye" couldn't flatten...

‚Äč This could possibly be the best three dollars, that I have ever spent on a dog toy! It's a giant lake bouy, purchased at a Garage Sale. He loves it... if you own a large breed dog, and come across one of these cheap...  (It's a must buy!)  
Atta Boy Alvin!
   He's a pup born to Myrah, and Sye, on June 2nd of 2011.

  At just over a year old, Alvin is a large boned, strapping young male.

 He has a great disposition, and just wants to be everybody's pal...

 Up to date on all shots, and vaccinations...

  If interested in having Alvin sire your next litter of pups please contact us @
A.K.C. registered Bullmastiffs
Now available for Stud/Sire service in the Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding area.

"Got Cookies?... I'm in!"